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WINNERS: From left, Seth Gordon of Victor Valley Christian, Chelsey Jones of Sultana, Victor Valley's Darrin Duncan, Hesperia Christian's Katie McGrath and Kevin Flagg of Granite Hills.

Five athletes win Gabrielson Awards

VICTORVILLE • The Gabrielson Senior Male and Senior Female Athlete of the Year Awards usually honor the Victor Valley’s four best student athletes.

This year, there were five.

For the first time since the Gabrielson Awards expanded from a baseball honor to include all sports in 2006, there was a tie for first place in one of the categories on Sunday. The Boys Division I award went to Granite Hills’ Kevin Flagg and Victor Valley High’s Darrin Duncan.

Other winners included Sultana’s Chelsey Jones in Girls Division I, Seth Gordon of Victor Valley Christian in Boys Division II and Katie McGrath in Girls Division II.

The divisions are split based on school size, and each award comes with a $1,000 scholarship. Though the awards committee was split in the voting for Boys Division I, Duncan and Flagg each got their own plaque and will each get the full $1,000.

Nominees from nearly all of the area’s high schools packed into the new clubhouse at Green Tree Golf Course on Sunday for the presentation ceremony.

The honor tends to go to multi-sport athletes, and each of the winners fits that mold.

Duncan was a star in football, wrestling and baseball for the Jackrabbits, while Flagg excelled in basketball, football and track. Jones helped lead the Sultana girls soccer team to CIF title and was also a standout in track and field and volleyball.

Gordon was a standout in football, basketball and track for Victor Valley Christian. McGrath was best known as a key part of the CIF finalist Hesperia Christian girls basketball team, but she also competed in track and field.

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