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Prep Basketball: Playoff brackets released

Eighteen High Desert teams will open the CIF-Southern Section basketball playoffs at home beginning Wednesday night.

The playoff brackets, which were released Sunday, include 27 area teams.

On the boys side, Desert Sky League champion Silverado earned the 14th seed in Division 1AA and hosts Los Alamitos, while Mojave River League champion Oak Hills is the 12th seed in Div. 2A and hosts Citrus Hill. Both games are Friday.

Excelsior — which won the Agape League — hosts No. 11 Viewpoint in Div. 4A, while Cross Valley League champion Riverside Prep earned the 13th seed in Div. 5AA and hosts Vasquez. Both games are Wednesday.

On the girls side, DSL champion Silverado hosts No. 16 Knight in Div. 1AA. Oak Hills — winner of the MRL — is the ninth seed in Div. 2A and hosts Redlands East Valley. AL champion Academy for Academic Excellence is the fifth seed in Div. 5A and hosts a wild card winner. All three games are Saturday.

CVL winner Riverside Prep is the 10th seed in Div. 5AA and hosts Bishop Union on Thursday.

Other boys teams playing at home in the first round are Victor Valley (second in DSL) vs. No. 11 Temecula Valley in Div. 2AA on Friday; Apple Valley (second in MRL) vs. No. 12 Claremont in Div. 3AAA on Wednesday; Burroughs (third in DSL) vs. No. 15 Northview in Div. 3A on Wednesday; University Prep (second in CVL) vs. No. 16 St. Monica Catholic in Div. 4A on Wednesday; and Academy for Academic Excellence (second in AL) vs. No. 12 Poly/Pasadena in Div. 5AA on Wednesday.

Boys teams starting on the road are Serrano (third in MRL) at No. 3 Canyon/Anaheim in Div. 2A on Friday; Barstow (at-large from DSL) at No. 13 Gladstone in Div. 3A on Wednesday; Academy of Careers and Exploration (third in CVL) at No. 8 Bellarmine-Jefferson in Div. 5AA on Wednesday; Lucerne Valley (third in AL) at No. 7 Valley Torah in Div. 5A on Wednesday; and Hesperia Christian (at-large from AL) at No. 3 Joshua Springs in Div. 6 on Wednesday.

Other girls teams beginning at home are Sultana (third in MRL) vs. No. 15 Saugus in Div. 2A on Saturday; Burroughs (second in DSL) vs. Tahquitz in Div. 3A on Thursday; Barstow (third in DSL) vs. No. 7 St. Joseph/Lakewood on Thursday; University Prep (second in CVL) vs. No. 6 Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary in Div. 4 on Thursday; and No. 11 Hesperia Christian (second in AL) vs. New Harvest Christian in Div. 6 on Thursday.

Girls teams beginning on the road are Serrano (second in MRL) at No. 4 JW North in Div. 2AA on Saturday; Excelsior (third in AL) at No. 11 Westridge in Div. 4A on Thursday; Silver Valley (second in Desert Mountain League) at No. 14 Frazier Mountain in Div. 5AA on Thursday; and Academy of Careers and Exploration (third in CVL) at No. 6 St. Margaret’s in Div. 5AA on Thursday.

All games are scheduled for 7 p.m. but can change if both schools agree.

For more on all the matchups, see our playoff capsules in Tuesday’s Daily Press.

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