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Adelanto GP pro race canceled

ADELANTO • The professional race has been the signature event of the Adelanto Grand Prix since it began 33 years ago.

For the first time ever Saturday, the race was not held.

Due to a lack of participation, the professional race was canceled. Only five riders signed up to compete, and organizers made the decision that it couldn’t be run with so few participants.

“I don’t understand why there were only five people because normally when there’s a few thousand dollar purse people show up,” said Scott Haydis, the owner of Racetown 395, where the event takes place. “The amount of entries is way down from what it was last year.”

Haydis and race administrator Sean Reddish estimated that the series of events that make up the Adelanto Grand Prix used to draw 2-3,000 entries ever year. They said they will have only about 500 entries this year.

Reddish said that while the pro race was not run this year, he expects it to return next year.

“It’ll be back, I have no doubt,” he said. “We’re looking at some options to really amp up the pro race. By no means is this the end of the pro race. We’ve just got to recoup.”

Reddish added that the lack of professionals currently residing on the West Coast makes it difficult to draw enough riders to make up a solid field, even with a $2,000 purse.

“For the national programs on the West Coast, there’s probably only seven legitimate pros,” he said.

Haydis and Reddish both cited a bad economy taking a toll of participants as the primary reason numbers have fallen so sharply.

“This industry has suffered bad because of the economy,” Haydis said. “We felt it before a lot of people and I think we’re not going to see a recovery until after a lot of people.”

Kyle Glaser can be reached at or at (760) 951-6274.

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