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PLAYING A PRINCESS GAME: Emma Sharp, 6, left, and Ava Long, 5, play a princess game while friends look on. The game was introduced by Sleeping Beauty, played by Tiffany Hosler of If the Shoe Fits, a local character company. In addition to paid services, the company provides parties for children in need.

If dream fits, Victorville couple provides it

VICTORVILLE • A pink chandelier hangs low in a large bedroom full of elaborately handmade ballgowns and costumes in vibrant colors.

“And this is our closet,” said Tiffany Hosler, smiling. “This is where we play dress up.” Hosler’s Victorville home sparkles like a castle straight from a Disney movie, as she describes in detail her charmed career.

Hosler and her husband, Joel, run a character company called If the Shoe Fits, which is based off of classic fairy tales such as “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Snow White.” The couple, who has been in business almost two years, also uses their company to spread joy and whimsy to needy children.

“We book parties on weekends, but we also host events for children in need, whether it’s a financial need or they’re very ill,” Tiffany Hosler said. “We do it for free to bless these kids.”

In October, the company collaborated with the owner of the Burrage Mansion in Redlands to host a large event full of food, gifts and musical routines for children who would not otherwise get to spend time with a “real” princess or fairy tale character in an enchanted location.

This October, the couple plans to host another event at the Burrage Mansion, but would like to create a “ball” theme and open it to more children. If all goes as planned, they would like to open up their own location in the High Desert, which could be used for both charity events and daily “tea parties.”

The company has chosen six sick or needy children to visit for 30 minutes on a day that is convenient for them and their families in the spring. Each child can choose from a collection of characters, including male characters, such as Peter Pan and Jack Sparrow for “A Magical Day.”

“A lot of the children we chose this year are down at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital,” Tiffany Hosler said. “We chose kids that really need the loving.”

Tiffany Hosler, who has large blue eyes that stand out next to her delicate features and petite frame, said she and her husband also dress up as characters when needed, as they both have music and theater backgrounds.

When asked what the favorite part of her job is, Tiffany said the look of gratitude in children’s faces “is mind-blowing.” “It’s been such a blessing,” Tiffany Hosler said. “It isn’t me, it’s God. It’s just a little dream I had that started out small.”

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