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Henderson students rewarded for fundraising

49 ride in style to Del Taco

Staff Writer

BARSTOW • It was a dreary day outside, but at least their ride sparkled. Students at Henderson Elementary were escorted by limousine to Del Taco on Mountain View Street Tuesday and treated to lunch as a reward for earlier fundraising efforts.

At 11:10 a.m., the first group of kids arrived to parental fanfare. One by one, 28 grade K-2 students, with wide grins and empty stomachs, scooted out of their luxurious transportation while doting parents looked on.

The second group — 21 students, grades 3-6 — would arrive an hour later.

Earlier in the year, Henderson students sold cheesecakes to earn money for regular activities, special events, school improvements and a yearly field trip. Students who sold 20 or more won the limo ride to the hometown fast-food joint.

Pacific Fundraisers facilitated the cheesecake fundraiser and also provided $3 per student for lunch plus the limousine free of charge. Del Taco stretched the $3-per-student budget to ensure each received a full meal, which included either a green burrito, red burrito, quesadilla or taco, plus french fries and a soft drink.

Many of the children, in between bites of food, told of how the limo ride was their first.

Chris Luxsamana, 7, was in awe of its size.

“There were backseats behind the backseats!” he exclaimed.

The limo was decked out with small-screen TVs, music and flashy lights.

It was the second year Henderson worked with Pacific Fundraisers to put the lunch outing together.

Kammie Paolini, secretary for the school’s PTA, said the PTA will set aside $10 per student from all money earned during yearly fundraising to pay for an end-of-the-year field trip, which is still yet to be decided.

However, the students Tuesday probably weren’t looking that far ahead.

“They were all excited and hyper,” Paolini said of her experience riding with the students in the limo. “But it’s great — they’re all having a good time.”

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