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BCC students showcase their artwork at reception

Staff Writer

BARSTOW • Pottery, ceramic sculptures, paintings, photography and drawings — art students at Barstow Community College were delighted to show off all their varied talents Wednesday night.

In a reception hosted in the lobby of the school's Learning Resource Center, members of the community came out to view the student-crafted works, enjoy light refreshments and listen to musician and Mojave Desert product Debby Clinkenbeard.

The student art show, which began six years ago, is a testament to the extant appreciation of art at the college, according to art instructor Lewis Goldstein.

Goldstein, who began teaching at BCC in 2005 and is the show's founder, noted a vastly different art atmosphere when he arrived. "The art department at that time pretty much consisted of a drawing class, painting class and an art history class online."

Since then, the school has expanded to offer regular sculpture and ceramic classes and supplied large kilns, pottery wheels and the necessary facilities to support three-dimensional arts.

Goldstein instituted the show, which runs twice per year, to ensure students had the opportunity to showcase their art.

“Creativity is an ongoing life process that we tend to ignore or marginalize, which is a shame,” Goldstein said. “It reawakens a part of the students’ creative process.”

Ceramicist Dale Jensen, an English professor at BCC, is in his fourth semester in Goldstein’s ceramics class.

“I took ceramics 40 years ago in college,” he said. “Now, I like taking classes I enjoy rather than classes I need.”

Heidi Blake, 19, is only a first-time ceramic student but a painter by nature who hopes to attend art school one day. She had two black vases and few light-experimental photographs on display and explained that “for the last year, I had a major artist block, so I thought using another medium would help with that.”

The day before the show, both mentioned that they were participating just for fun. Goldstein, though, acknowledges an another element involved.

“People do art for their own satisfaction, but they also do it to show other people,” he said. “We’re all exhibitionists.”

The student artwork is for sale in the lobby of the BCC Learning Resource Center and will remain available to view until Nov. 28.

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