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Changes being discussed for south side Main Street parking

Planning commission voted unanimously on recommendation


BARSTOW • The Planning Commission, serving in its role as the Traffic Committee, recommended the removal of on-street parking on a small portion of Main Street.

According to Assistant City Engineer Domingo Gonzales, the parking issue, between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, was first brought to the planning commission in August.

The parking agenda item was asked to be brought back to the city, once affected property owners were notified.

The city notified owners by mail and have not received any comments back, according to Gonzales, during Monday night’s meeting,

The project intends to make a continuous left turn pocket on Main Street and would require re-striping of the road. According to Gonzales, it was an issue brought up by the public and in a past city council meeting.

“Right now, you if you go down Main Street, you actually have to jog to your left to get around these three parking spaces and jog back to be consistent,” Gonzales said.

City staff requested that the planning commission go forward with the project, which the planning commission voted to initiate the changes.

“I used to have a business across the street and I think it’s a great idea,” commissioner Viola Basulto said.

Recommendations by the commission are made to the council for approval.

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Reader's comments

and I have little doubt that the arrested were all males even though women are 50 percent more likely to resort to violence.

geeze - Sep 16, 2009 02:13:05 PM Remove Comment

Hopefully this Judge gives the same treatment to lawyers who are guilty of assault and battery. Be fair Judge, be fair.

Someone out there - Sep 15, 2009 07:11:49 PM Remove Comment

This story is the the voice of reason. Do the crime, do the time. Thank you,Judge William Jefferson Powell IV.

Lucia Etchamendy - Aug 26, 2009 06:49:53 AM Remove Comment

AWESOME! GOOD! THANK GOD! MEN and Women need to know that this has to STOP! It ruins families, the kids as much as the woman or person being brought down from the person doing the beating.

melissa mendez - Aug 21, 2009 06:09:22 AM Remove Comment

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