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Store changes coming to Tanger Outlet


LENWOOD • The Tanger Outlet Center expects a few store changes in the coming months.

The Reebok store is moving to a new suite opening Feb. 1, as other stores close completely and new ones enter.

“The mix of stores located in our centers continually evolves based on customer and tenant needs,” Tanger spokesman Quentin Pell said in an email. “Stores expand or change locations within a property or within the portfolio, and that change is part of the natural rhythm of the Outlet Industry.”

To protect tenant privacy, Pell said he could not specify which stores would be coming or going, although a sign inside the Ann Taylor store confirms its closure.

The sign announces Ann Taylor’s Jan. 26 closure, and that little merchandise left inside is discounted 50 percent. Local shopper Valerie Heath said she was told that merchandise was being moved to its sister store in Ontario.

As of Thursday, Reebok and Aldo’s store signs were taken down and painted over, although a sign on the door of Reebok said the store is moving to suite 355. The Aldo store did not have a sign posted.

The Rockport shoe store is also moving suites according to one Outlet Store employee who wished to remain anonymous.

The American Eagle store closed about a month ago according to the employee. An outside sign, where a perfume shop next to Ann Taylor once stood, is also being replaced by a company named Kipling. A date was not posted on when the store would open.

Although some locals were alarmed by the changes, the Tanger spokesman said the moves are “exciting.”

“Tanger Outlets Barstow will have exciting things happening this spring and Tanger looks forward to being a long term partner in the Barstow community,” Pell said.

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