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Construction continues on Main Street Carl's Jr.

Expected completion due by January's end


BARSTOW • An orange detour sign and skinny cones stand at the corner of Roberta and E. Main Street.

The 40-year-old Carl’s Jr. that sat towards the back of the corner was recently demolished to make way for the newer building being constructed at the street edge.

The older store remained open for business until last week when the second phase of construction began.

“The decision was made early on to demolish the old and build new due to the age, size and the need to bring into a more environmentally friendly building,” Dan O’Neal, the site superintendent for PR Construction, said in an email.

Changes to the property include rework on Main Street, comprising sidewalk improvement, a new ADA approved ramp and an update to the city sewer system.

The newer store will be smaller in size but with bigger bathrooms to accommodate travelers, according to O’Neal. Much of the bus traffic the store saw in the past has now gone to Lenwood Road, he said.

The company has worked with the city of Barstow, Caltrans, Southern California Edison, Southwest Gas, Arizona Pipeline, High Desert Underground and Golden State Water Company to complete the construction, which “have all acted like teammates and have really helped make this project successful,” O’Neal said.

“As you can see, we’re pretty well underway with construction and the new building is going along very well,” said Wade Goding, project manager for CKE Restaurants, which operates Carl’s Jr.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of January.

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