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San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department
In June, Sheriff's deputies found about 1,100 marijuana plants growing on a property of the 43800 block of Hinkley Road in Hinkley. The three men charged with growing the marijuana were sentenced to three years probation on Wednesday.

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Hinkley pot growers enter plea deal

Three sentenced for growing marijuana on someone else's property

Staff Writer

BARSTOW • Three men charged with operating a 6-acre marijuana field on someone else’s property in Hinkley entered a plea deal, court records showed Thursday.

Vee Pethpadouang, 53, Sy Lee Sivichith, 55, and Pon Sisongkham, 52, of Northern California, were all sentenced to three years probation on Wednesday, while Vee and Sy Lee were also sentenced to 35 days in jail.

Vee pled no contest to planting and cultivating marijuana, Sy Lee pled guilty to planting and cultivating marijuana, while Pon pled guilty to possession.

In June, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department arrested the men in the 43800 block of Hinkley Road after the property owner alerted deputies to their trespassing. When deputies arrived, they found the men and two others living in outbuildings and tents on the 20-acre property.

Six acres of soil had been used to cultivate marijuana plants, which were found in various stages of growth. Deputies believed the suspects had tried to conceal the marijuana plants by surrounding them with beige-netted fencing. Deputies also seized one firearm from the location.

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