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Entrepreneurship class teaches students business basics

If you go:

What — Aztec Mall

Where— Outside room 70 at Barstow High School

When — Feb. 14 at 2:30 p.m.

This article was updated on Feb. 1 to correct the classroom number of the Aztec Mall.

BARSTOW • They’re selling T-shirts, bracelets and fast food, but they’re not working from a conventional business.

Students in Barstow High School’s Entrepreneurship class are taking the skills they’ve learned inside the classroom outside to the “Aztec Mall.”

“They’re learning to work collaboratively,” teacher Solveig Kruse said.

While running a small business, the students are taught about profits and losses, the costs of goods and how to keep receipts.

“All of these things are teaching them understanding as they put textbook knowledge into reality,” Kruse said.

One student said that he gained the resolve to graduate, since taking the class.

“Before I started entrepreneurship I was so focused on just coasting through school; I convinced myself I was not going to graduate,” Chris Irwin said. “Since I started my own business, I have been doing better.”

Irwin’s “Del Food” business earned $11 in profit at the last after-school sale. He and one other student have a partnership deal with the local fast-food restaurant to sell burritos and sodas with the class.

“My business has changed my life. It has helped me in more than school,” he said. “It shows me there are actual options and use for what we’re doing.”

Irwin said that after re-taking 10 required English credits in the after school program, Plato, he’s now on track to graduate. He said he hopes to work as a welder for a military contractor when he graduates.

The Aztec Mall, which opens up three to four times a year, will have its next sale Feb.14 at 2:30 p.m. in front of Room 70 at Barstow High School.

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