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CSU, BCC align through transfer degrees

School officials aim to streamline process for junior college students


BARSTOW • Gone may be the days when students at Barstow Community College were blanketed with the uncertainty of whether they would be able to transfer to a California State University.

In the past, CSU schools maintained varying requirements and students were often unsure if their classes were transferable. Enter the Associate Degree for Transfer — called an AA-T or AS-T for short — a degree that guarantees admission from a community college to a CSU with junior standing and the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in a lean 120 units.

In addition, students with an AA-T or an AS-T will receive priority into a CSU, said Maureen Stokes, spokesperson at BCC.

Stokes attended a recent conference call with California Community Colleges and CSU leaders, informing student newspaper staffs and advisers of the transfer degree news.

“The progress has been steady and I’m so proud of the collaboration that’s existed between the two systems of higher education,” said Erik Skinner, deputy chancellor of California Community Colleges, in a prepared statement. “The goal by fall 2013 is to have each of our 112 community colleges have AA-T and AS-T degrees approved in 80 percent of the majors they offer. We want to have 100 percent by fall 2014.”

Since fall 2012, BCC has offered two approved transfer degrees — in Psychology and Sociology — and four more are currently pending approval from the Chancellor’s office. Nine more are planned to be active by the fall 2014 deadline.

BCC President Thom Armstrong said the process is part of an “attempt to get the four-year (systems) and community colleges on the same page.”

“If a student follows this path, that will create a seamless transfer process into the four-year system,” Armstrong said.

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