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Staff photo, Brooke Self
Peggy Schoonover stands with her son Robert Schoonover and granddaughter in front of the mobile home she was sold at Hacienda Mobile Home Park. The mobile has since been deemed uninhabitable by the Department of Housing and Community Development.

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Unlivable conditions

Hacienda Mobile Home Park cited for selling substandard home


BARSTOW • Running sewage, black mold, holes filled with expanded foam, an open electrical panel and a leaking water heater are only a few of the violations found at a manufactured home sold at Hacienda Mobile Home Park near Soapmine Road.

“It’s just not right and unfair what they’re doing to people,” said Heather Morgan, daughter-in-law of mobile home buyer Peggy Schoonover.

The mobile home from 1971 was sold to Schoonover, who moved to Barstow with her son, Robert Schoonover, daughter-in-law and their 4-year-old daughter in early December.

An inspection report from the Department of Housing and Community Development contains 16 notes of violations at the mobile home and states that a home may be deemed substandard and a nuisance when conditions exist endangering the life, limb, health, property, safety or welfare of the occupants or the public.

“They said it was safe, no leaks, no mold. That it just needed a little update,” Morgan said.

According to Morgan, she, her husband and her mother-in-law made down payments on two mobiles in the park totaling $2,000.

“Our intentions were to be here for a long time until we found everything that was wrong,” she said.

A breaking point for the family was when Schoonover fell through the bathroom floor. According to the inspection report the flooring material within the house consists of pressed sawdust and absorbs water easily, “which has a tendency to degrade structural strength.” The report states that the floor was broken through in the master bath, bathroom two, the hallway, master bedroom, second bedroom and water heater compartment.

“We thought the problems were only cosmetic, that we could fix them,” Morgan said.

John Webb, the current manager of the park, claims that the occupants damaged the property to get out of their contract.

“They walked through the mobile home with us, why would you buy a home if you saw it had black mold?” Webb said.

Park trustee, Sharon Thurston, said the home would be brought to code and repaired before it was for sale again. The activity report from the Department of Housing states the violations must be remedied within 30 days.

The inspector from the Department of Housing and Community Development said he could not discuss the case.

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