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Young Barstow woman sentenced for home invasion robbery

18-year-old gets two years in prison

BARSTOW • A Barstow woman was sentenced to two years in prison Monday for her role in a home invasion robbery, Supervising Deputy District Attorney Julie Peterson confirmed.

Amber Day, 18, pleaded guilty to burglary in October for accompanying her older boyfriend to the home of a Barstow man, robbing him at gunpoint and stealing his car.

Ryan Blas, 29, was sentenced to six years in prison on Oct. 16.

The conviction is a first strike on Day’s record, which had previously been spotless. Blas was given a second strike for the burglary, as he had previously been convicted for vehicle theft and a number of theft and drug convictions in San Bernardino County.

In August, the pair robbed an acquaintance at his home, threatened him with a gun, stole his wallet and then fled the scene in the victim’s 1997 Nissan 200SX. They two were arrested without incident Aug. 31 after they were spotted inside Chase bank on East Main Street and in possession of evidence linking them to the crime.

At the time of Day’s guilty plea, Deputy District Attorney Robin Hass said her office showed her more leniency than Blas in part because of her clean record, young age and because she was not the one who held the gun during the crime.

“What they put the victim through was horrible,” Hass said back in October. “Any time you go into someone’s house and do that, you’re looking at state prison.”

Day was credited 218 days for time served and good behavior.

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