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City officials sworn in

Induction Ceremony brings community together


BARSTOW • Assistant City Manager Oliver Chi conducted introductions at the city’s swearing-in ceremony which drew approximately 300 people, including local dignitaries, at the historic Harvey House Monday night.

Pastor Lili Bush from St. Paul’s Episcopal church opened the ceremony with a prayer. That was followed by the pledge of the allegiance led by the City’s Youth Advisory Council and a hearty rendition of the national anthem by Barstow Fire Captain Nick DiNapoli.

“It’s great to see all the members of the community here, to see our elected officials take their installation. I’m looking forward to continuing good things,” City manager Curt Mitchell said.

Mayor Pro Tem Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre was sworn-in to begin the start of her official term, along with elected council members Richard Harpole and Carmen Hernandez, City Treasurer Mike Lewis, and City Clerk Joanne Cousino. Family members and friends assisted in the officiating.

Councilwoman Hernandez said she was looking forward to serving and that she would do so faithfully.

“You will always know what’s going on. There will be no evasion,” she said.

Councilman Harpole thanked his family for their support — happily announcing that he is going to be a grandfather — and said there are a number of challenges and great opportunities facing Barstow in the near future.

“There is absolutely nothing that we can’t accomplish if we are willing to work together as a community,” he said.

Barstow resident Rosa Yriarte said she attended the ceremony to support her friend, councilman Richard Harpole, and to do her civic duty.

“We’re a small community. We should all be there for eachother,” she said.

The meeting convened with a prayer from the Chaplain of the Veterans Home and refreshments in the dining area of the Harvey House.

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that is because the get toe boys be get in foreclosed an moo been back down the hill whey day belongs

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