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Light up the campus

BCC to host Festival of Lights and Learning

Staff Writer

BARSTOW • Public donations will help raise money for student scholarships and brighten up the Barstow Community College campus on Tuesday.

The 11th Annual “Festival of Lights and Learning” will bring students, vendors, agencies and the community together in an effort to help fund the approximately 300 scholarships provided to BCC students on Honors Day next year in May.

The plaza outside the BCC Learning Resource Center will feature musical performances, crafters, kids’ games, a Christmas tree raffle, treats, a family picture with Santa Claus for $1 sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and a campus-lighting ceremony at 5 p.m.

Admission is free, but members of the community who make a minimum contribution of $25 will sponsor one strand of light to help illuminate the campus. All proceeds from the event will go toward the Foundation’s Student Scholarship Fund.

Maureen Stokes, director of Public Information at BCC, said the foundation has already earned $8,000 and hopes to reach at least $10,000 by Tuesday, which would be on par with past years’ earnings.

Additional funds for scholarships will come through foundations, endowments and community organizations, she said.

Antoinette Williams is the ASB President and has attended the event every year since enrolling at BCC in 2010.

“My hopes for this event are for the whole community to come and enjoy themselves,” she said, “to learn aspects of college life, what the clubs do — just enjoy the lights and fun.”

For more information or to contribute, contact Maureen Stokes at (760) 255-2411 ext. 7350.

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